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ShenProfessional 3.0 Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine Software ( Windows )

ShenProfessional version 3.0 can be used by beginners / students or for that even laypersons with limited knowledge of Acupuncture - Acupressure. Healthcare providers / Acupuncture - Acupressure Therapists can  make the most of the Advanced  features such as Tongue Diagnosis etc. which have been introduced in ShenProfessional version 3.0

409 Acupuncture points with the Extra Points, 400+ Indepth illustrations helps you to understand the concepts of TCM, Chinese gynaecology, the Extraordinary Vessels in a very short time. A Huge database with 4000+ symptoms and western indications helps in accurate diagnose. Root and branch diagnoses have also been included.

Checkout Video Tour / Video Tutorial ShenProfessional Patient Management Module.>>

You can also Checkout Video Tour / Tutorials >>



Download ShenProfessional 3.0 Evaluation version free.

The best part about ShenProfessional trial / evaluation version is that most of  the features of the software are enabled. There are very few limitations as far as features of the software are concerned. 

You can check all the three modules of the software i.e. Acupuncture, TCM and Practice Management and Tongue Diagnosis.

The Evaluation version can be downloaded from the software developers website 

Request Trial / Evaluation Cd.

Request Trial / Evaluation Cd.

If for some reasons you cannot download do get in touch with us, we shall try our best to include the Trial version on a Cd and deliver by courier in India for a nominal fee. As a token of our gratitude for supporting ShenProfesional we will deduct the monies paid for the Trial Cd when you register your copy of ShenProfessional.

Do forward your request for ShenProfessional Trial / Evaluation Cds to

Estimated delivery / shipping period for ShenProfessional Evaluation Cd.
*  2 - 3 days for deliveries within Mumbai Muncipal Limits. 
*  3 - 4 days for other cities within Mumbai.

ShenProfessional Video Tour / Video Tutorials :

The best way to get a idea about the powerful features of the Patient Management Module is to view the Add_a_new_patient Video Tutorial. The Video tutorial is uploaded in the form of a dot AVI file, file size 3.88Mb, running time 4 minutes 44 seconds.

The Video Tutorial can be played in Windows Media Player. 

Right Click on the " Add_a_new_patient Video Tutorial " and select Save Target as if you are using Internet Explorer Or Save Link as if you are using Fire Fox Explorer.


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