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ShenProfessional 3.0 Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine Software ( Windows )

409+ Points  helps you to understand the concepts of TCM, Chinese gynaecology, the Extraordinary Vessels in a very short time. A Huge database with 4000+ symptoms and western indications helps in accurate diagnose. Root and branch diagnoses have also been included.

ShenProfessional will no doubt be of immense help to Medicos / Acupuncture / Acupressure Therapists / Alternative Health Care professionals.

However Students / Beginners can also make the most use of the Tutorials / Massive Database of Information / Charts and get a deeper understanding of the finer aspects related to TCM / Acupuncture.
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The venture is all about promoting quality software utilities at affordable rates.

At we donít believe we are marketing any goods or consumables.

Instead we believe, we are offering solutions.

The Desktop Computer is slowly becoming as common as the Idiot Box, read TV or Television. Most of the people are totally unaware of the immense possibilities, the power of modern age processors.

A good majority of the computers are being used for mundane tasks. Donít think it would be wrong to state that most of the computers are being wasted in the same way most of us waste our brain power or mental skills.

A couple of right software utilities at the right place and the right time can make a whole world of difference.

The possibility of transformations in your daily activities / your outlook etc. cannot be ruled out. However some things may still remain the same. We are definitely not saying that you will change the way you brush your teeth.

At  we believe in making a sincere endeavour to bridge the gap by offering quality software utilities at affordable rates.  

We will be trying our best NOT to limit this Venture to Promoting ShenProfessional alone, a good amount of the Resources will be used for additional data content / information so that that all of us understand ShenProfessional better and are able to make the most of it.

We would love to make ShenProfessional a Important part of every Alternative Health Care option Provider / Acupuncture - Acupressure Therapists and the Students / Beginners as well.

Regards, hope we are able to make a significant difference in your life for the better.

Sushil Adhikari.
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6th November 2007.

ShenProfessional Update 11 - 01 - 2010 :
We would like to take this opportunity to thank the developers for offering a Exclusive Registration fee ( US $ 25.00 / INR 1250.00 for users based in Asia. 



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