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ShenProfessional 3.0 Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine Software ( Windows )

409+ Indepth illustrations helps you to understand the concepts of TCM, Chinese gynaecology, the Extraordinary Vessels in a very short time. A Huge database with 4000+ symptoms and western indications helps in accurate diagnose. Root and branch diagnoses have also been included.

We have included other useful information, documents related to Acupuncture / documents published by WHO etc. for your reference. The article " Mudras and Acupuncture, Any connection " has been penned by us considering some of the striking similarities between the concept of Mudras ( some relate to Mudras as the yoga of the Hand or the Fingers ). We hope you understand that these articles / documents have been published on our website to create awareness, stir your interest and enable a better understanding of the concept of Acupuncture / TCM. We regret to inform that we are not in a position to to disperse detailed information about Acupuncture as a Science / Concept as a whole.

We look forward for your continued and active participation to spread awareness about Acupuncture.

Product Support / Technical Support :

We donít foresee any problems related to the usage of the products. Most of the functions / applications are very easy to understand / install.

We have tried our best to clarify some of the common doubts / questions related to product technical support.

Q: How can I get support for ShenProfessional..  
A:  As you may be aware, most of the software utilities include a read me / product manual / other similar documents.  You can also refer the Help section of the software. These files / sections cover most of the queries.  

Q: What if my question / doubt is not mentioned in the read me / product manual / help section.
A: We knew this was coming, you are free to get in touch with us at,  we will surely do our best to get you started.

Q: Say I have other technical queries related to the applications.
A: You are free to get in touch with the software developer. The query can be posted on a forum / or sent as a Email. The contact details can be found on the website. If you are having any difficulties in getting touch with the software developer you can also forward a copy of your query to us. Rest assured we will do the needful.  

Depending on the type of the query / the type of request etc. you may be requested to mention your Registration details etc.

Q: I recently upgraded my Operating System. Is there anything to worry about.
A: Software development is a continuous process read, 24 X 7 X 365. Needless to add Software developers also dedicate good amount of resources to update their products.

Q: Most of software products are Windows applications & I a self proclaimed Linux Geek.
A: We donít think thereís any cause for concern. Most of the software utilities are available as free trial / evaluation versions. You can very well try to use Wine / other similar Emulators to run the Windows Applications under Linux.

Q: Have you tried Wine / similar Emulators.
A:  Do allow us some time to get back with the updates, we will surely publish a detailed report of our test Results.

Just for Records : Wine  ( Wine IS Not a Emulator ). In simple terms Wine provides a compatible interface / or a pathway which enables Windows applications to be executed under Linux, Solaris.

Q: What about other incentives / upgrades for registered users.
A: Incentives / the type of upgrades etc. will vary from one software developer to another.

Needless to add, you can always expect some types of Incentives from our end which will surely make a significant difference.

The details related to the software upgrades etc. can be found in the software details section. You can always refer the software developerís official website for the latest information.

Q: I have lost my Registration details, what can be done.
A: We can only be of help if the software has been purchased or registered on .If you have purchased the product from other source we suggest you get in touch with the software developer and the point of purchase as well.

Do get in touch with us as soon as possible if the software utility has been purchased from us so that we can try to initiate the process of requesting lost registration keys.

You will need to submit registration details, such as the name of the registered user, contact details, details related to the proof of purchase etc. We would like to remind you that the software developer has the final word in such matters. If for reasons, thereís any doubt or insufficient docs. / data related to the proof of purchase / ownership etc. the software developer reserves the right to deny such requests.  

Q: Any suggestions related to the safekeeping of my Registration details / software key etc.
A: Please do follow the steps mentioned below,

i) Backup, Backup and more Backup. Itís always a good idea to create backups of Registration details, other documents.

ii) In most cases, Registration details are in the form of alphabets / texts etc. You can always take prints of the same at high quality settings to ensure that the Registration details are not lost.

iii) If possible do manually pen the registration details as well.

iv) Registration details / emails etc. hardly take any space. Do seriously consider the option of using easily available recordable media such as Cd-R etc. for peace of mind.

Q: I donít access the Internet /  for some reasons I cannot access the Internet.
A: Registration details are normally delivered electronically in the form of emails etc. If for some reasons you donít access the Internet  / or for some reasons you cannot access the Internet do inform us. We shall surely consider the option of delivering the registration details in the form by Courier services in India. A nominal fee will be charged for this request.  


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