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ShenProfessional 3.0 Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine Software ( Windows )

409+ Indepth illustrations helps you to understand the concepts of TCM, Chinese gynaecology, the Extraordinary Vessels in a very short time. A Huge database with 4000+ symptoms and western indications helps in accurate diagnose. Root and branch diagnoses have also been included.

ShenProfessional TCM Module. ShenProfessional contains over 400 sides of knowledge with numerous illustrations. With ShenProfessional you are able to study the foundations of TCM, Chinese gynaecology and the Extraordinary Vessels in an interactive way. ShenProfessional - with its huge database - actually provides help in diagnosing and treating your patient. The database contains more than 4000 symptoms and western diseases linked to TCM diagnoses, for developing an accurate TCM diagnoses. Root and branch diagnoses is included.

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Some of the Important Features of ShenProfessional Acupuncture Module are as under :

Paper on the foundations of TCM

Paper on Chinese gynecology

Paper on Extraordinary vessels inclusive special palpatory diagnosis.

Interactive hyperlink course for beginners and advanced TCM Information with symptoms, causes, treatment tips, root and branch and point combination to each TCM diagnosis

Symptoms catalogue with more than 4000 symptoms, indications and Western medical diagnoses with accompanying TCM diagnostics. This is problably the world's most detailed reference book

Save and diagnose your patients symptoms with the mouse

Diagnosis Analysis with overview of involved organs and with special root and branch diagnosis

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