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ShenProfessional 3.0 Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine Software ( Windows )

409+ Indepth illustrations helps you to understand the concepts of TCM, Chinese gynaecology, the Extraordinary Vessels in a very short time. A Huge database with 4000+ symptoms and western indications helps in accurate diagnose. Root and branch diagnoses have also been included.

Needless to add Acupuncture / Acupressure Therapists, practioneers of Alternative Healthcare options etc. can benefit a lot. Students / Beginners or for that anyone who would like to embark on a journey / get started in the exciting world of Acupuncture / TCM can make the most of the exhaustive charts / massive database and learn a lot.

The utility factor of ShenProfessional 3.0 has increased thanks to the introduction of Tongue Diagnosis Module.

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Who can use ShenProfessional.

What makes Shenprofessional truly professional and unique. It's developed around a single utility approach. You will never need to use any other software utility or any third party tool set to manage your Acupuncture Practice / Study etc.

Shenprofessional employs a Three - In - One approach. 

There are sections relating to 

Practice Management. 
Tongue Diagnosis ( Added features in ShenProfessional 3.0 )

The TCM and Acupuncture modules with their exhaustive illustrations and a huge database of over 4000 symptons will surely go a long way to help the user to understand the finer points of TCM / Acupuncture alike while the Practice or Patient Management simplifies the task of managing Patient Records / Treatments / Billing / Scheduling appointments etc. It does away with paper / huge pile of records. In our opinion it's the first step to E-Officing or Paperless office.

Medicos / Professionals who are actively pursuing / following Acupuncture / Acupressure will surely find a very powerful software utility in ShenProfessional. The vast database / resources provided in ShenProfessional will make it easier for health professionals / Acupuncture therapists / Acupressure Therapists to diagnose / seek addiitonal information related to the indication / indications.

The exhaustive knowledge base / vast resources available on a 24 X 7 basis will surely go a long way to save valuable resources / time etc. 

The Acupunture / Acupressure therapist is reminded that apart from Acupuncture / TCM modules, ShenProfessional also includes Practice Management Module.

Needless to add, the use of Practice Management module will make it easier to manage resources / schedule / appointments / billing / manage patient records etc.

All the features are discussed in detail in the Features section.

Students / Beginners can make the most of the information provided in Acupuncture / TCM modules. The tutorials provided with ShenProfessional will add to the benefits as well.

Whoever said that Acupressure therapists need not learn TCM / Acupuncture concepts etc. obviously forgot that its not compulsory to use Needles at all.

Modern Technology has provided us with various other options such as Acupoint Stimulators based on principles of vibration, Light / Laser / similar optical Acupoint Stimulators, stimulators based on the principle of micro current etc. 

Also there's the manual stimulation method which employs wooden / brass probes or jimmy etc.

A deeper knowledge of the principles of Acupuncture / TCM will surely make a significant difference.

Students / Beginners can also make the most of the Practice Management Module. They can use Practice Management modules for dummy patients / practice - learning purpose.

There's another option as well. Surely students / beginners who are aware of the concepts of Practice Management will be the preferred choice. You never know when you may get a opportunity to work under a Senior Practioneer who uses ShenProfessional. It's always better to stay ahead.

There are very few options available for studying Acupuncture / TCM in India. In some cases the fees are just not affordable for the newcomers / those who wish to learn the basic concepts of Acupuncture / TCM.

In such a situation, where there's a dearth of Learning Resources ShenProfessional can very well be considered as a Powerful Learning Tool. Read a very good Electronic Learning tool which can be easily carried with you. In our opinion the best investment a newcomer/ student can make.

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